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Thank you very much, Sarah Tatro and Cadence Collective for publishing my poem “Last Days With You” (For Richard) on your beautiful site this morning. This poem has a very special place in my heart, and I am honored it found a home with Cadence Collective.

Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets

Photo by Sarah Lim Photo by Sarah Lim

By Robin Dawn Hudechek

You never told us why you moved to your Mexican retreat
with your Mercedes Mini-Van and five Pit Bulls,
the ocean front home where water crashed against the rocks
and sprayed the house in chilling mists.

You would never go swimming there
or invite a woman into your home,
its floors slick with mud and dust.
We were afraid to sit on your leather couch
when you welcomed us there,
with your usual open-handed kindness,
your body already thinned and jaundiced,
an open tequila bottle and an empty glass nearby.

You introduced us to Ensenada’s famous fish tacos, bought
from a stand and eaten quickly, so you could
elbow your way back into the line and eat more,
these pleasures you shared with us, so transitory,
like your novel-in-progress that you outlined over the phone
in a voice crackling like sun-bleached paper.

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