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I am very happy and honored that my creative non-fiction piece, “The Night Jesus Blew Out the Birthday Candle” was published this evening in Eunoia Review! This is the first time I have had a creative non-fiction piece published! 🙂

Eunoia Review

I was seven on the Christmas Eve my mother baked a birthday cake for Jesus. When she finished whipping the cake batter, she passed the bowl to me and I lifted shining drops of chocolate, like speckled ornaments, to my lips.

It occurred to me as my fingers lined the batter bowl that we would be the only ones to eat the cake. If he came at all to the birthday party in his honor, Jesus could only watch—and who would blow out the candle?

Christmas Eve came. Snow sparkled on our lawn and in the street and curled against our front door like a rumpled blanket until my sister and I took a shovel and scraped the snow and ice from our steps. My grandmother was too frail to walk up our icy stairs, and soon she and my grandfather would be here, bearing bags of presents. We knew…

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