I am so happy my poem, “Our Family Pool” was published by Cadence Collective on their beautiful website today!

Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets


By Robin Dawn Hudechek

I stand tiptoe in our pool,
cool waters rising to my chin.
At four, I love our above ground pool
with its plastic walls and waves
rippling in slivers of sunlight
I can never quite catch with my fingertips.

I am proud of the pool and proud
of my fearlessness in standing alone on a
a bump of lawn covered in pool plastic.
I look up at a cloudless blue sky,
and water cradles my face.
I am almost floating. I spread
my arms, so happy to be standing here
bravely alone and so proud
of my handsome father who is happy
today, and who, if I am lucky
may take one of his running leaps,
from the lawn into the pool
in a graceful dive that sculpts
his muscular, youthful form.
One day he will teach me how to swim,
but for now swaying in…

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