I am so excited and honored to have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Sean, the creator of the blog: Creative Writing based on ideas from my writer’s notebook and everyday life...Being nominated for this award is a very great surprise for me, and is very humbling, especially since I just started my blog (my first!) little over a month ago.

There are certain rules associated with the Liebster Award, and these are the main points to follow:

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Here are the eleven questions I was asked:

1.  Why did you start to Blog?  I have thought about creating a writer’s blog for a long time, but kept putting it off.  Finally, when my poem, “Walking with Medusa” was Freshly Pressed, people started wandering over to look at my blog and found only a place holder page, and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.   I created the blog to post my own poetry and occasional posts by others I believe visitors to my blog would enjoy.

2.  What is your earliest memory?  My earliest memory is of being in my crib and rocking it from one end of the room to another.

3.  Who has been your greatest influence?  My greatest influence in my life has been my mother. Diane Robinet Hansknecht.  As a divorced young mother, she had to raise three children alone, with very little money and help from anyone but my grandparents who did what they could.  While working full time to support us, she went back to school to get her high school diploma, got an LPN license and worked as a nurse, only to be injured on the job, requiring yet another return to college, this time to begin a new career in teaching.  Some years later, she received her Masters degree in education.  We never had much money, and my mother’s life was hard, but she always put her family first and raised us in a home filled with love.   It also was a home filled with books, and though we had very little money, my mother always found a few extra dollars to buy me books I wanted like Roots (when I was eleven), and later: East of Eden when I was a fifteen year old laid up in the hospital with an injured foot.  She never said if  you go to college, but when you go to college, though she had no idea where we would find the money for me to go.  This became an ordinary part of conversation and life, so much so that I never questioned it.  I would never have become a writer, or achieved any of my other goals without her strength, love and influence.

4.  What is your favorite film?  There are so many of them.  I love The Princess Bride, The Shawshank Redemption, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Back to the Future, Dave, and Gone with the Wind to name a few.

5.  Which phrase do you over use?  With my husband (tongue in cheek):  There’s something really wrong with you, isn’t there?  (o.k., so not a phrase, but it is what I say the most often).

6.  What makes you happy?  Long beach walks with my husband, writing a poem or story that is pouring out of me, and  being with my family in Arizona or Michigan, snuggling in bed with my cat, Ashley curled up and purring against my chest.

7.  What disturbs you?  Cruelty to animals of any kind, the kind of underlying racism that led to the Ferguson tragedy, heartless exploitation of others and the environment.

8.  Who would you like most to come to dinner?  My mother, who I see too infrequently, or if it is a well-known person: the Dalai Lama.

9.  What is your favorite book?  Jane Eyre and East of Eden are two of my favorites.

10. What is your most treasured possession?  Don’t think of them as possessions but as members of the family, but I have to say my cats: Ashley and Misty.

11. What would most improve the quality of your life?  I would like to have more money to travel more often with my husband, and also to see my family who live in Michigan more often than we are able to now.

Eleven random facts about myself:

1.  Tags in shirts really bother me.

2.  I loved swimming under water when I was a kid because it made me feel like I was flying.

3.  Egg salad makes me ill.

4.  I love root beer and chocolate ice cream floats.

5.  When the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds” came out, at least ten of my college friends and I went to see it–in force.  We were all nerds and proud of it, though some of us probably didn’t look the part.

6.  When I was growing up, we had a cat who was allowed to sit at the dinner table and was far more polite and mannerly than the humans!  She sat upright in her chair and waited patiently for her food to arrive, than ate her cat bite size portions of chicken, served on a napkin with exquisite daintiness.   It was amazing, and she never once abused the privilege she was given, which was far more than I could say for the kids in the family (me included!),

7.  My first poem published in a real publication was “Soldier Story,” published in Caliban when I was 21 years old.

8.  I cannot and will not wear high heels, especially spiked heels.

9.  I love volleyball but I am one of the worst players I have ever seen.  In my college volleyball class (held indoors) when I served the ball, and the ball kept hitting the ceiling of the opposing team,  people had to scatter, for their own safety.  I was asked to drop the class by the instructor, who was concerned it would hurt my GPA.

10.  My first dog, a collie, was named Lady.

11.  The scariest movie I ever saw, the one that stayed with me for days was a modern version of “The Picture of Dorian Grey.”  I’m not sure why it was so creepy–perhaps it was watching the picture age and become more grotesque while Dorian remained young.

I am nominating the following blogs for a Liebster Award.  These are blogs with wonderful writing and great posts, and all of them are blogs I look forward to returning to again and again!


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These Are Your Eleven Questions:

1.    Why did you start blogging?

2.    If you could be a character in a book or a movie, who would you be?

3.   If you could live anywhere in the world outside the United States, where   would you live and why?

4.   What do people tell you they notice most about you?

5.   If you had your dream career, what would it be and why?

6.   What is your happiest memory?

7.   What three things would be at the top of your bucket list?

8.   If you could have lunch with a historical figure, who would you choose and why?

9.    What superpower would you give yourself, and why?

10.  What is your greatest accomplishment?

11.  Who is the person in your life you most admire, and why?